DIY: Step by Step Guide on How to Trace Your Lost Phone

Multiple factors can lead to the loss of your small gadgets such as phones or tablets. Misplacing, theft or dropping them are some examples and the most sure thing to do is to try to trace your lost phone or gadget as soon as you realize its missing. In the case of losing the gadget(s), hope is also lost and many a times, replacing them with others is the only way out.

However, what if you fear critical information or personal files falling into the wrong hands? What if it was possible to try and trace your lost phone or gadget? What if, for a moment, you could help the authorities in tracing it? These what ifs just got real: all of these are possible!

This trick will only work if the device runs Android 2.2 OS or later, had (and probably still has) its location turned on and finally a Google account is active on it.

Step 1

Go online on a PC and search “Android Device Manager.” Click on the first link in the search results. It should be associated with Google.

Step 2

You will be requested to log in to a Google account (Gmail). Do so with any account that is associated with the phone. In short, any Gmail account that was active on the gadget before it went missing.

Step 3

If the Google account was shared by several devices, it will list them. Choose the name of the missing gadget and click it. This step should be carefully done because there are actions that you may take, and if they target the wrong device, harm might occur.

Step 4

Once the Android Device Manager page has completed its connection to the device, you will have three options to choose from: ring, lock, or erase lost device. “Ring” will simply cause the phone to ring at its maximum volume. “Lock” will lock the phone and prevent unauthorized access. Finally, “erase” will delete all the data on the phone.

Note: In the “lock” option, there is an optional dialogue box that allows the user to key in a phone number. If this field is filled with a phone number, it will display on the lock screen of the lost gadget. In this way, any person that comes across it may call the owner to give it you could be on your way to acquiring back your lost phone.

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