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Do Men Prefer Ladies In Trousers or Skirts?

2013 is the year that saw Paris legally allow women to wear trousers in public. Today, a South Korean airline continues to attract criticism for restricting the wearing of trousers by its hostesses. Sounds like world politics, but in fact, this is purely a fashion matter. For decades, especially after ladies begun wearing trousers, fashion remains divided over what is acceptable as feminine or not.

The following are collections of thoughts that people have concerning the matter.

  • Men (and some women too) believe that skirts are outdated. Some refer to them as “shapeless sacks” and believe that a skirt-wearing lady is old-fashioned. I wonder: have they not seen Beyonce in her magical dresses that shape a mermaid out of her?
  • Conversely, fashionistas affirm that wearing a dress is the surest way to impress a man because it highlights the “feminine” aspect. They explain that in weddings and romantic dates, women prefer dress to skirt for such reasons. How true is this?
  • A fraction of men states that they are likely to hit on ladies in dresses because they create the bodice allure that attracts men. Nature, they add, gave attractive curves and features to the females so they could attract the males. Why hide them? They
  • Interestingly, a different set of men differ and state that they prefer ladies in trousers than skirts because trousers are what bring out the curves and alluring characteristics. According to psychologists, hips and inner thighs are some of the attributes that men look for in ladies. As such, wearing a skirt might highlight the hips and hide the thigh formation. I, however, feel this depends on the nature of the trousers or skirt because some will conceal as another reveals the so-called “alluring features.”
  • Finally, and quite sensitively, young men differ significantly on whether ladies in trousers or skirts make the best wives. Those for skirts stated that skirts show respect, and that indicates a good wife. They also added that trousers are for younger ladies that are not ready to settle. On the hand, those against skirts stated that trousers are just a type of clothing that indicates so little about personality. Again, they affirmed, skirts reveal too much, and that is not a quality of mature ladies.

What do you think, gentlemen? The ladies are listening 🙂


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