Do you Know What Causes Cancer ?

Many people in the world today may not know what causes cancer. Evidently, cancer is amongst the top killer diseases known to many as at today. Interestingly, we may act like we know cancer so much but if asked to explain what it is, more than half of us would fail. In which category do you fit? According to a recent survey conducted in the US, people do not know what causes cancer but know how it is treated and its signs and symptoms. As young persons, knowing the above is not sufficient enough: we need more knowledge to understand cancer.

Simply put, cancer is the health disorder that occurs when abnormal cells in a part of the body divide without control. This results in a tumor or growth due to their malignant growth.

Understanding what causes cancer and its risk factors goes a long way in not only preventing but also diagnosing it early. When cancer is diagnosed early enough, the chances of successfully treating it increase. Here are the factors that increase the likelihood of developing cancer:

  1. Environment

The modern age relies on industries for survival. All that you eat, wear, ride, drink, or live in has to go through an industry or more before you can use it. The problem with industries is that they emit wastes that contain dangerous chemicals. Chemicals such as benzene, lead and asbestos pollute our air, water and soil. Consumption of such chemicals leads to cancer development later in life.

  1. Age

Scientists say that cancer is prevalent and develop in people at about twenty years and above. Therefore, persons above age twenty stand higher chances of developing it. However, it is not an exclusively adult ailment.

  1. Health Condition

Some health conditions such as minor diseases can lead to the development of cancer. For instance, ulcerative colitis can lead to cancer of the colon.

  1. Lifestyle

burnt foodsLifestyle is one of the greatest risk factors in the list of what causes cancer. Doctors warn that some habits such as alcoholism, smoking, consuming GMO food, and excess exposure to the sun might encourage abnormal cell, division. Other factors include unsafe sex, obesity and eating burnt food.

There you have them: the risk factors that might lead to the emergence of cancer. At a later post, we will discuss how to keep cancer away. In the meantime, send in any other factors that you think might cause cancer. We are always glad to receive more information.

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