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Don’t Be Blinded by the Countless Health Myths out There, We Have the Truth

Efforts to learn as much about healthy eating as possible haven’t done much to whittle Americans’ waistlines. Part of the problem is the overwhelming amount of studies we hear about on the news. Multiple groups conducting research on the same foods sometimes yield opposite results. To make matters worse, plenty of information without any scientific backing has found its way into the conversation.

The confusion ends here because we’ve looked into common nutrition beliefs that turned out to be a bunch of bologna. Armed with this information, healthier eating is about to become a lot easier.

1. Eating at night makes you gain weight

a man eating chicken in bed

a man eating chicken in bed The time you eat may not matter so much. | iStock.com

What and how much you eat is far more important than when. Active explained calories are processed the same no matter what the clock says. Besides, folks who work late or hit the gym in the evening need to eat at night. Without properly fueling yourself after exercise or a hard day’s work, you’ll feel flat the next day.

If you tend to eat later, just make sure to keep an eye on what you’re consuming. Some people crave baked goods or greasy takeout late at night, which can be diet disasters.

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