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Eagle Soars from Dubai Skyscraper


In the beautiful emirate of Dubai, an Imperial Eagle named Darshan was equipped with a small video camera and sent on a mission to film the descent from the the world’s tallest tower, Burg Khalifa. Freedom Conservation and the Dubai Crown Prince’s office organized the record breaking event to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. The remarkable footage captured during Darshan’s flight depicts an impressive Dubai skyline from 2,700 feet in the air. This spectacle has earned Darshan the Eagle with the record for highest bird flight from a man made structure. Upon completion of his aerial mission, Darshan landed obediently onto the gloved hand of trainer Jacques Oliver-Travers. By way of this event conservationists seek to create an atmosphere of acceptance and protection for wildlife through education. One can only hope that their next event or demonstration is as uplifting and breathtaking as this candid bird’s eye view.