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Eat These Foods That Are Surprisingly High in Protein

Think you’re getting enough protein in your diet? Well, you may want to think again — Donald Layman, Ph.D. and professor emeritus of nutrition at the University of Illinois, tells Men’s Health that while the recommended daily intake of protein for adults should be around 56 grams, our bodies could use even more than this. Protein is well known for its ability to help build and repair muscle but it can also curb hunger and helps to prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Though you may already know that fish, chicken, and lean beef are high-protein foods, the following seven ingredients are also contenders.

1. Soybeans


soybeans Add soybeans to your diet. | iStock.com

While there are other beans on the market that also have quite a bit of protein, it is the humble soybean that really gives you the most benefits. FitDay explains how the soybean is the only vegetable to contain all nine amino acids that our bodies require.

One cup of edamame (immature soybeans that are a fantastic snack when steamed) offers 22 grams of protein, a quarter of your daily calcium, and half of your recommended amount of vitamin C and folate, according to Fitness.

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