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Eating This Will Ensure You Have a Kick-Ass CrossFit Workout

You’ve probably watched the CrossFit Games and thought: Dang, how do these guys and gals reach this peak level of fitness?! Sure, crushing every WOD (Workout of the Day) gets them into incredible shape. But, like other fitness regimens, CrossFit is more than just spending all of your time at the “box.” Eating the right foods before a high-intensity CrossFit session is a huge key to having a productive workout and seeing results.

With the right mix of protein, healthy fats, and digestible carbohydrates,  you can make the perfect pre-workout meal. In fact, some of the best pre-WOD foods can be paired together for the ultimate fuel. Here are seven foods that will ensure you match your PR at your next CrossFit session.


a pile of dates on a white table

a pile of dates on a white table This fruit packs a unbelievable pre-workout punch. | iStock.com

Surprised? Dates probably weren’t what you had in mind when you looked up the best CrossFit snacks. However, fruit is a big part of a clean, CrossFit-friendly diet. Dates are actually a preferred pre-workout snack across many fitness fronts. They supply just the right amount of sugar to give you a boost before exercise and also contain fiber to keep you full and your blood sugar from spiking. Eating just a couple dates with a bit of almond butter will have you prepared to crush your workout.

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