Ellen DeGeneres and 7 Other Celebrities With Incredible Interior Design Skills

Want to know what it’s really like to live like a celebrity? Just take a peek inside their homes. One privilege of being rich and famous is the ability to decorate your abode in whatever style suits you (and the freedom to change it whenever you get bored).

The rest of us might not be able to afford a gorgeous mansion or hire the hottest interior designers, but we can still take some inspiration from their design choices. Here are eight celebrities whose design styles we seriously covet.

1. Mindy Kaling

There’s one word to describe Mindy Kaling’s new L.A. home: colorful. The actress doesn’t shy away from bright shades; she has a magenta sofa, dining chairs upholstered in bright yellow, and a fireplace with blue mosaic surround. She and designer Katie Ridder made sure the house was perfect for entertaining, with numerous areas for sitting and eating, and they also incorporated furniture that Kaling inherited from her parents. The ultimate result is a home that feels grown up but is still fun, Kaling told Architectural Digest.

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