Ever Been on an Istanbul Holiday? Six Reasons You Should Be There Now!

Erstwhile Constantinople, Istanbul stands like a hand-painted monument on a canvas where most other cities of international repute appear artificially photographed. The Istanbul of today is a sizzling experience where traditional architecture parties at modern nightclubs and the rich Turkish heritage is served with many a delectable cuisine. Young Tribune brings to you six reasons why should book an Istanbul holiday today.

The Turkish Baths

Istanbul Holiday

It is difficult to decide which is more exotic at the Turkish bath houses (Hamams) – the therapeutic delight or the marble décor! Many of these baths are a reminiscence of the Ottoman Empire and are still used as a place to worship. However, there are several commercial baths in pockets, nooks and crannies of the city.

The experience on plate

Istanbul Holiday

If you go to Istanbul with a bagful of home-packed food, you would consider yourself a criminal by the end of the trip. Start at the ostentatious varieties of kebabs and do not stop until ‘sweet’ Turkey visits your plate. The local Istanbul food epitomizes the Turkish cuisine; and that is an understatement. The fish sandwich (Balik Ekmek) deserves special mention.

An Awesome Nightlife

Istanbul Holiday

Istanbul loves its guests! How do we know? The city is stacked with buzzing nightlife despite four-fifth of the demography being teetotal. In fact, the city is so high on music, that there is a dedicated electronic musical extravaganza tentatively titled Club to Club Istanbul (pitted for/against Italy’s Club to Club Torino). Roxy, 360, Mojo, Babylon, Riddim – give your cab driver any one of these names and redemption just might be around the corner.

Shop Your Heart Out..and Back In

Istanbul Holidays

The many bazaars sprawled across the breast of the city tire your feet, only to watch you relax with a water hooka pipe by the end of the spree at a super comfy café. Just for sake of teasers: Istanbul ornaments carry the sheer essence of ornaments from the Byzantine Empire.

The True Coalescence of Cultures

Istanbul Holiday

The marriage of cultures is never visible so emphatically as in Istanbul. Istanbul stands as the living coalition between the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Visit Istanbul for the clubbed flavors, the rich fragrance that both the cultures have left behind.

The Testimony of River-Centric Civilization

Istanbul Holiday

Bosphorus is not just another river that flows through the heart of a happening big city. It is the symbol of how our race evolved in the laps and ripples of rivers. The Bosphorus cruise will take you to some of the most exotic locales in and around Istanbul. And just so you know: there is a luxurious boat show that happens once every year!

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