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Every Woman Should Master These Great Exercises

Looking to up your workout game? You’ve come to the right place. Here at The Cheat Sheet, we recognize the unique needs and fitness goals specific to women, which is why we want to help you take your sweat sessions to the next level. Here are 10 exercises every woman should master.

1. L-sit

sporty woman raising arms

sporty woman raising arms Master these 10 exercises, and you’ll feel your very best. | iStock.com/Kikovic

This static move is sometimes trickier than it sounds, but it’s worth the effort. As Jen Widerstrom, trainer on The Biggest Loser, told Shape, it’s the best holding position for working your core. Begin in a seated position with your legs out straight. Place your hands next to your thighs, and lift yourself up by pressing down into the floor. Because it’s impossible to nail the L-sit without fully engaging your abs, there’s no doubt you’ll feel the effects of this one. It’s a small move with big results.