Fashion Hack: Using Lines and Colors to Enhance Your Looks

modelIn fashion, knowing your skin type, shoe size, hair sensitivity and other characteristics of self is a good start to attaining perfection. Apart from the mentioned factors, there is one particular aspect that most people do not know, and fashion designers will not tell it to you; knowing your body size!

This does not imply that you go for small-sized tees if you are petite, or an extra-large short for being a size plus. Awkward, right? No, rather, as this article will inform you, you can attain perfection by just choosing the right colors and lines for your body type.

Here are the secrets.

Vertical Lines
If you are short and need to appear taller, go for clothes that have vertical lines or patterns (running up and down). Such prints create an optical illusion and make you look taller as compared to plain clothes.

Similarly, if you are plump, vertical lines will create a similar illusion and make you look slimmer. To add to these effects, choose the lines that are closely spaced. The trick is that, the closer the spacing between lines, the slimmer and taller you appear.

Horizontal Lines
On the other hand, horizontal lines will do the opposite of what vertical prints do. In short, if you are slim and need to appear wider, go for these lines running from left to right. Additionally, if you are tall and need to look short, go for the same.
This effect can be increased if the diagonal lines are concentrated at the middle of the body (waist).

Diagonal Lines
These are prints that run diagonally (Top-left to bottom-right or top-right to bottom-left). In your body, it could be from your right shoulder towards your left hip.
These lines are magical in that they make any part of the body slimmer when placed there. As such, if you need your upper body to appear slimmer, wear a top with diagonal print.

In the world of fashion, black is known as the “slimming color”. This point is self-explanatory; that wearing black in an area that you need to appear slimmer does the trick. However, this does not limit the darkness to black only. Rather, if you wear two colors, say, red and white, red is the darker color and will slim the part of the body where it is worn.

You just cracked your way to a great look!

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