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Fat-Blasting Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

You may feel that you’re tied to your desk during the 9-to-5 workweek, but you have more exercise options than you think. Though you may not be getting the full aerobic workout that you’d get at the gym, you can still work to strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Combine these exercises with other active lifestyle choices like taking the stairs and going for a walk on your lunch break, and you may even find that with an increase in activity also comes an increase in your work productivity.

Here are fat-blasting exercises to try any time, anywhere.

1. 60 seconds of jumping jacks or simulated jumping rope

young man jump roping

young man jump roping Try jumping jacks for a few minutes to get your heart rate up. | iStock.com

It only takes a minute to get your heart rate raised and reap the benefits of this simple exercise, no equipment required. Healthy Living explains that jumping jacks get blood flowing to all major muscle groups while working your shoulders, abs, and legs and increasing your heart rate quickly. To start this exercise, take a look at your clock or set a stopwatch for at least one minute. Then, begin performing your jumping jacks, keeping your arms fully extended and making wider jumps to increase intensity.

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