Home News Feeling Overwhelmed? Try De-Stressing With These Tips

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try De-Stressing With These Tips

Do you ever feel so stressed out by your daily life that you can’t seem to unwind, even when you have a day off? That’s not exactly a recipe for happiness, which is more problematic than it sounds. The American Psychological Association notes stress can cause negativity in your life by making whatever troubles you’re experiencing even worse. Though a stress-free life is impossible, there are always ways to help reduce it. The next time you have a day to yourself, try one of these six ways to de-stress.

1. Spend your day outside

Man walking outdoors

Man walking outdoors Head outside when you need to relax. | iStock.com

For those whose workweek means sitting at a desk or getting things done in an office, heading outside on a free day is a great idea. According to Harvard Health Publications, spending time in the light often lifts your mood. The story went on to highlight research suggesting exercising outside can increase mental health and boost your self-esteem. If you’re feeling stressed and need to calm your mind, detach from your work world on your next day off by going to the park or setting out on a bike ride. And you can score the benefits even during the week by heading out for a walk during your lunch break.

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