Is Female masturbation still taboo ?

75% of women masturbate. Is this to say that this practice is finally natural and liberating? No.
It’s shameful or ignorant for many women to let their pleasure often unfulfilled.

Plenty of books and magazines on female sexuality, development of sex-toys or triumph of auto-eroticism within pop culture – from Rihanna to Miley Cyrus through the advertising campaigns of American Apparel and after more than forty years of sexual liberation, female masturbation is acclaimed.

Masturbate every day ” by pure necessity physical, to satisfy the impulses of desire, or simply to release the pressure ” says Cleo(1), 28 years, PhD student, in a relationship for a year. Masturbating every week ” for a 100% guaranteed orgasm “, points out Abby, 30 years old, production manager, single. Or only “when I’m in love, because I always want sex,” says Flora, 29, artist and single.

Survey shows that 71% of french women masturbate , compared with 42% in 1992 (Ifop, 2015). But on closer inspection, only one in two practices “quite regularly”, less than 20% practice it “often”, and one in four declares that they have never attempted the experiment. That is three times less than Canadians, over 90% of whom declared doing it once a week.

In France,  “there is always  difficult for women to assume a pure individualistic and compulsive sexuality,”  notes François Kraus, director of studies at Ifop. Leonie, 30, says:  “The subject makes me blush. I do not know why, that’s how it is. ”  She talks about sex, yes. Masturbation, no,  “never.” Today she admits masturbating  “often”,  but a sense of embarrassment takes hold after the fact.

Abnormal to enjoy yourself ?

After many centuries of medical repression and judeo-christian demonization of onanism. Furthermore,  “where the male pleasure was represented in autonomy and self-sufficiency process, the female orgasm has gradually entered into a process of heteronomy and dependence of man”,  says the philosopher Geneviève Fraisse (3) . The belief of many women is that pleasure can only come from the outside and that masturbating could lead to not wanting men. We’ve always been told that a woman is supposed to flourish sexually with a man and not by herself.
I can tell you that masturbating is naturel and there’s nothing wrong with it.
touch yourself and please enjoy it.

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