Finally Blast Away Your Belly Fat? Here’s How to Keep It Off

Congratulations, you’ve successfully lost that stubborn belly fat. Now for the hard part: keeping it off. This can be just as difficult as losing it in the first place because it’s all too easy to settle into a comfortable routine and revert back to old habits. According to U.S. News & World Report, a whopping 85% of people who lose weight gain it all back. And for most folks, most of that comes back around your midsection. Since you’ve worked your ass off to achieve your most healthy self, take good care of that newfound physique and treat your body with respect. If you’ve recently lost weight, keep that belly fat off for good with these seven tips.

1. Set goals and stick to them

woman running up on mountain stairs

woman running up on mountain stairs Stick to the goals you set for yourself. |

You’re already familiar with setting goals, but they can easily fade into the distant past after you lose the weight. Suddenly, you’re thrust back into the real world of temptation without restriction. To fight back, Health recommends setting goals on an ongoing basis. Even if you’re not in hardcore weight-loss mode at the moment, working toward personal achievements, large or small, will keep you on track. Remind yourself to skip the office doughnuts during holiday season or sign up for a half-marathon that will force you to train consistently.

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