Fine Hair? How You Can Actually Get Wavy Hair That Lasts

If long, luscious waves have thus far seemed like a pipe dream to you with your fine hair, have no fear. You actually can get wavy hair that lasts; it just takes a few extra steps to achieve the soft, modern, wavy texture that’s so on-trend right now. Just follow these seven tips on how to make some waves.

1. Make sure you have the right cut

Girl is cutting her damaged hair with scissors

Girl is cutting her damaged hair with scissors Make sure your hair cut is on point. |

The foundation to any great hair style — waves or no waves — is a great hair cut. Oftentimes, a significant amount of texture and perceived volume can be achieved with fine hair simply by the cut. Medium lengths are ideal for fine hair, and some variation of the lob (long bob) is a good look to consider. It hits just above the collarbone in the front and may be a bit shorter in the back to lend some extra volume and oomph. It’s no wonder the style is so popular, as it’s universally flattering and can be worn straight or wavy.

For the long-haired gals with fine hair, it’s best to add some layers to your locks; they will lend movement and dimension, which equals more volume. The layers also make it easier to achieve the desired wave factor.

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