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Fit Celebrities Swear by These 7 Tips to Stay in Shape

Celebrities are constantly juggling busy work schedules, but they’re always conscious about staying slim and in shape for every event they attend. They’re keen about eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle to remain red-carpet ready. Even when on vacation, A-listers manage to stay svelte. Want to know how they do it? Check out these seven things fit celebrities do to stay in shape.

1. They make time to work out

Runner checking watch

Runner checking watch Celebrities always fit in their workout. | iStock.com

Nutritional biochemist, Shawn M. Talbott, told The Huffington Post weight loss is 75% about a healthy diet and 25% about exercise. With busy schedules, celebrities don’t always have the time to work out, but they improvise to squeeze in a session whenever they can. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen works out in her hotel room using resistance bands, and David Beckham has no problem hitting a boxing class when he’s with the kids. Making time for a short sweat session whenever possible is also great for keeping a clear mind during a busy day.

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