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Fitness Programs That Turned out to Be Complete Scams

Fitness fads have flaws. But when does a flaw turn into a lie? Getting in shape has always been about how you can meet your fitness goals the fastest, but not everything claiming the power to make you skinnier or ripped in a truncated amount of time is telling the truth. Some of these self-proclaimed wonder workouts are selling you false hope. And some, to put it bluntly, are just after your money.

How do you know which workout plans work and which are bogus? We did a little digging to find out the answer to that question. Here are seven fitness programs that turned out to be scams.

1. Beachbody

Super Trainer Tony Horton

Super Trainer Tony Horton The Beachbody community is definitely interested in getting people fit, but possibly for more than they can afford. | Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

You’ve probably seen ads for this fitness conglomerate popping up on your social media feed. The expansive program includes a variety of at-home workout videos, supplements, and a traveling coaches’ summit. (Its most notable program is “Insanity,” which we will cover in just a minute.) All of this, of course, is in the name of getting you “in the best shape of your life.”

But consumers and critics have some not-so-stellar stories to tell about Beachbody. There are numerous customer reports detailing how the company has fraudulently charged their credit cards once they have tried to cancel their subscriptions. Maybe they’re true, maybe they’re not, but it does make you raise an eyebrow. And the whole gig with becoming a Beachbody coach? Some say the process will cost you more money than you will actually make.

If at-home workouts are your jam, find a YouTube series of workouts that don’t require you to give your credit card information. You’ll learn new exercises without putting your wallet at risk.

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