Five Absolute Non-Westerosi Reasons We Love Peter Dinklage

There are good actors, and then there are legends. The thing with legends is, they do not need a Hollywood blockbuster, or a “Torrential” television series to announce themselves. Yes, we loved Peter Dinklage ever since we first saw him move and it is only pleasing to see the world note his stature (not be confused with height). Young Tribune pays tribute to Peter Dinklage and brings to you five reasons he just could be the actor of our generation.

#1 This Photo

Peter Dinklage

Was he a Lannister even then? We have our doubts reserved. He certainly looks at hold with what he is doing, more so with what he wants done. Observation 2: His eyes tell you the story when his mouth does not.

#2 He has had his share of struggles in life

In his unheated apartment in Brooklyn where he lived with his friend Ian Bell, rats accompanied them by the plenty. These were the days when Dinklage had been living to make ends meet as a struggler in the industry. When the duo complained to the landlord about the rats, the landlord allegedly threatened them with a dagger.

The living room was turned into a big performance podium. They threw parties in that space merely to raise the house rent. The pair fondly remembers a drunken poetry reading competition that they once held in the reading room.

#3 He is a Vegetarian and had a Pet Cat

Dinklage has already explained how he and Bell picked up a cat just to scavenge the rats out of the room. The problem began when his friend decided to move in with his girlfriend. Peter ended up with the cat. He and the cat remained very good friends for the next ten years.

Funny fact: Peter embraced vegetarianism at 16, all for impressing a girl he liked. He continues walking green.

#4 He doesn’t do roles where the vacancy reads “dwarf”

Why do we love the character of Tyrion Lannister? Because he is a dwarf – no. Because he is a bearded dwarf – heck no. We love him because he is some character! The character is a romantic human being who engages in sexual escapades and gets to deliver the best dialogues of the series.

When Peter started out, he made it a point to reject all roles that essayed dwarfs without any real brains. Now, he hardly has the time to choose the roles he likes.

#5 There is German Nobility Hiding in him

If Peter’s family line would not have left Germany, he would still have been a von Dinklage. That makes him the truest among German nobilities. Cheers!

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