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Five Bogus Sex Laws That Are Still in Practice

The 'law for the protection of society’ doctrine does not hold valid for sex. Sex, for the most part of it, cannot seem to cause much harm to society; of course unless…you get the drift! But without laws, something as simple as buying bread could go haywire. Thus laws! Most laws are framed with a view to create more harmony among citizens. But then, there are some laws that are so bogus, they drain all the X out of sex. Here snip the lis


1#5 Mess Up Satan, But Stay Protected


The rural farm town of Bakersfield, California, first came to light, courtesy Buck Owens, the country singer. Out there, you must wear a condom if you decide to have an intercourse with Satan. Yes, that is that. And yes, it is not illegal to have sex with Satan; just that you need to stay protected. Now blame it on Eve, will you?

2#4 Rodeo Clown. Horses. Sex.

Ain’t the sequence appear a li’l juggled to you? Let’s simplify: if horses in any part of Massachusetts are within visible distance, you cannot afford to have sex with a rodeo clown. Now, if your sensual dream was to ride on a horse to hitch it with a rodeo clown, Massachusetts is not the place for you my friend. Anyway, when was the last time anyone saw a rodeo there?

3#3. Meat Freezer – No No

The tale takes us to Newcastle, Wyoming, where people sticking it in meat freezers were becoming increasingly annoying for the shop owners. To stop the practice then, a law was passed to stop people from having sex inside meat lockers. And yes, it is valid today! Meat Curtains, we say.

4#2 Gunshot Orgasm

A man cannot shoot a gun while a woman is experiencing orgasm. This strange law hails from Connorsville Wilcinson. While women were pretty happy and pretty wet in joy, men who were die-hard fans of gunshot orgasm, took to serious revolution and shot a few fires into an ‘orgasming’ tree!

5#1 Sleep Naked, Anyone?


In Minnesota, it is illegal to sleep naked.

Unsafe Probability (USP) 1: You and your man make it late night and you are so drowsy you fall asleep naked, only to wake up at the police station.

USP 2: Your girl rides you so hard you fall asleep. She keeps riding, you keep napping. Police come, detach her, and arrest you. Sleep well.

USP 3: Booze ->Sex -> More Sex -> Conk -> Jail