Five Bogus Sex Laws That Are Still in Practice

#5 Mess Up Satan, But Stay Protected


The rural farm town of Bakersfield, California, first came to light, courtesy Buck Owens, the country singer. Out there, you must wear a condom if you decide to have an intercourse with Satan. Yes, that is that. And yes, it is not illegal to have sex with Satan; just that you need to stay protected. Now blame it on Eve, will you?

#4 Rodeo Clown. Horses. Sex.

Ain’t the sequence appear a li’l juggled to you? Let’s simplify: if horses in any part of Massachusetts are within visible distance, you cannot afford to have sex with a rodeo clown. Now, if your sensual dream was to ride on a horse to hitch it with a rodeo clown, Massachusetts is not the place for you my friend. Anyway, when was the last time anyone saw a rodeo there?

#3. Meat Freezer – No No

The tale takes us to Newcastle, Wyoming, where people sticking it in meat freezers were becoming increasingly annoying for the shop owners. To stop the practice then, a law was passed to stop people from having sex inside meat lockers. And yes, it is valid today! Meat Curtains, we say.

#2 Gunshot Orgasm

A man cannot shoot a gun while a woman is experiencing orgasm. This strange law hails from Connorsville Wilcinson. While women were pretty happy and pretty wet in joy, men who were die-hard fans of gunshot orgasm, took to serious revolution and shot a few fires into an ‘orgasming’ tree!

#1 Sleep Naked, Anyone?



In Minnesota, it is illegal to sleep naked.

Unsafe Probability (USP) 1: You and your man make it late night and you are so drowsy you fall asleep naked, only to wake up at the police station.

USP 2: Your girl rides you so hard you fall asleep. She keeps riding, you keep napping. Police come, detach her, and arrest you. Sleep well.

USP 3: Booze ->Sex -> More Sex -> Conk -> Jail

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