Food Poisoning! 5 Foods That Could Make You Sick

When you can’t sleep because your stomach is turning or you find yourself spending the evening on the toilet, you’re either sick or suffering from food poisoning. An estimated 48 million people get foodborne illness in the U.S. annually. One report by the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration looked at four major pathogens to determine what foods are often responsible for transmitting the bacteria that make people sick. The report took a closer look at the pathogens E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and campylobacter to find out. These four heavy hitters are just a few of the many bacteria responsible for foodborne illnesses.

Here are the foods you wan to be wary about.

1. Beef

man sitting on the bad, clutching his stomach

man sitting on the bad, clutching his stomach This man’s upset stomach could have been caused by beef. |

According to the IFSAC report, beef caused 46% of E. coli cases. The biggest culprit is often an American favorite: hamburgers. If you’re eating out or aren’t sure of the quality of the meat used to make your burger, order it medium to well-done, then check to make sure there isn’t any pink in the center of the hamburger. If you’re cooking at home, use a meat thermometer to ensure the center of the meat is heated to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit at its thickest point.

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