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Forgotten Workplace Rules That Bosses and Employees Should Start Remembering

Some workplace rules are stupid. That’s a fact. Who cares about tattoos or beards at the office if they don’t affect your work ethic? But other rules were created for a reason. Unfortunately, the rise of casual work environments and lackadaisical workplace norms has caused these time-tested rules to be neglected and forgotten. Even worse, most of these rules ingrained in company culture remain unwritten and unspoken, making it tough to determine what’s appropriate.

The workforce is riddled with bad manners and improper etiquette. So it’s best to fall back on traditional workplace norms to point you in the right direction. We’ve rounded up 15 of the most important, yet forgotten workplace rules that bosses and employees should remember.

1. The appropriate amount to charge on an expense account

angry man at work

angry man at work Know where to draw the line. | 20th Century Fox

When you travel as part of your job, charging things to your company can be tricky. There’s a gray area in knowing what to expense and what to fund on your own. And asking your boss usually produces a response, such as “Use your best judgment.”

Understand that when companies toss responsibility back to you, they’re testing your decision-making skills without supervision. If you take advantage, you could find yourself in hot water — like the man and his escort who racked up $5.8 million in unauthorized credit card business expenses in just over a year and a half. They’re now under criminal investigation by the FBI.

The workplace rule of thumb is don’t expense things you wouldn’t normally buy with your own money. For example, one glass of wine at dinner is fine, but ordering the bottle for the table or indulging in a third rounds of liquor drinks won’t go over well with the brass back home. Other examples of things that shouldn’t be expensed include upgraded hotel rooms, movie rentals, or snacks from the hotel mini bar.

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