‘Game of Thrones’: 10 Bold Predictions for Season 7

When Game of Thrones wrapped up its sixth season, our collective jaws were on the floor. It was a run of episodes punctuated by long-awaited character deaths and stunning production values, all culminating in what is indisputably the best season the show has ever given us.

Still, there’s plenty of story left to tell. The plan right now is to divide the seventh book in George R.R. Martin’s series into two smaller seasons, with each episode reaching past the typical hour-long run-time.

It’s an approach that’ll ultimately give HBO more room to play around. Rather than a single 10-episode season, we’ll be getting around 12–13 episodes divided over two years. What we’ll be getting in that time though is anyone’s guess, leaving us free to wildly theorize while we wait for the rest of Season 7.

So what’s coming down the line? All signs seem to point toward a few large-scale events.

1. Cersei’s reign atop the Iron Throne won’t last long

A newly-crowned Cersei sits on the Iron Throne, clad entirely in black leather

A newly-crowned Cersei sits on the Iron Throne, clad entirely in black leather Queen Cersei, briefly may she reign | HBO

It’s been a tough, long road for Cersei Lannister. But after blowing up the Great Sept and murdering everyone in King’s Landing who opposed her, she now sits victorious on the Iron Throne. Queen Cersei’s reign is likely going to be short-lived though, and the only real question is who’s going to topple her first.

First up we have Jaime, who’s returned home to find his sister was directly responsible for the death of their only surviving child. Infamously known as the Kingslayer, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time he’s killed a monarch.

If he doesn’t get the job done, Daenerys has a huge army and three dragons en route to take King’s Landing.

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