‘Game of Thrones’: Why Daenerys Will Win the Iron Throne

Daenerys is currently sailing to Westeros, but does she still have what it takes to sit on the throne? Considering her fortunes have only only gotten better and better as the series has gone on, it’s safe to say she’s clearly the frontrunner even if she has some sizable competition — some new and some old. But here’s why Daenerys will definitely sit on the Iron Throne before the end of the series.

1. She has the strongest claim to the Iron Throne

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne The Iron Throne | Source: HBO

Even with the recent revelation of “R + L = J,” Daenerys still has the most legitimate claim to the Iron Throne — unless certain facts come to light which will be discussed below. After the usurpation of her father Aerys II Targaryen and subsequent deaths of her two brothers Rhaegar and Viserys, Daenerys is now the last surviving member of the Targaryen family we know of.

While Jon Snow is now confirmed to be a Targaryen (the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark), he still doesn’t have any legitimate claim to the throne because he was born out of wedlock. However, if it is revealed that Rhaegar and Lyanna managed to marry (Targaryens have been known to take multiple wives), then the claim to the Iron Throne would in fact fall to Jon. This is because although Jon is Daenerys’s nephew, the line would pass down through a male heir.

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