PUBG Is Becoming Its Own Company

Which is exactly why this move to creating a new company, PUBG Corp., makes so much sense. Battlegrounds isn’t Bluehole’s only project and, no matter how successful it is, they can’t put all of their eggs in a single basket. So the easy solution was to create a new basket, put PUBG in said basket, and then focus said basket on that single, massive egg. With everyone working for PUBG Corp. focused on only PUBG, the game will be able to grow and get updates more quickly. Over on Polygon, they’ve got word from the company’s new chief executive officer, Chang Han Kim, that this move will allow Battlegrounds to become even more successful. He added that this shift will allow them to have the “operational efficiency that is required to support the game globally,” as well as allow them to “be nimble” in this crazy world known as game development.

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