Gearbox Is Taking Beta Signups For Mysterious 'Project 1V1'

Thankfully, they aren’t asking you to sign up to play a game on blind faith alone. Still, the description that is provided is a bit cryptic. Gearbox is calling 1v1 a shooter that combines first-person combat with the “metagame strategy of a collectible card game.” Quite a few team-based first-person shooters these days use a card system for customizing characters, but we don’t think that’s what Gearbox is getting at here. In Paladins, for instance, the cards you equip give characters a little extra damage for certain moves, extra stamina, lengthened status effects and the like. But we wouldn’t compare that kind of system to a collectible card game, so we’re certainly intrigued to see what Gearbox has planned.

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