Genius Campfire Cooking Hacks That Anyone Can Master

Planning a camping trip this summer? Then, it’s time to talk about campfire cooking.

The ultimate goal of any camping trip is preparedness. The last thing you want to face while you’re miles from home and possibly cut off from electricity and running water is a lack of food options. Because hangry campers aren’t happy campers, the most important thing you can do before embarking on your trip is to figure out a few easy, foolproof meals everyone will enjoy.

So whether you’re a novice camper with no clue what to serve or a more experienced camping guru on the hunt for new ideas, read on for our top choices for the perfect camping meals. You can make these while sleeping under the stars — or even just in your backyard.

1. Walking tacos

Homemade Beef Taco in a Bag

Homemade Beef Taco in a Bag Tacos in a bag are less messy. |

Tacos are always a good decision, but they’re even better when you pre-make them before a camping excursion.

The trick to this crowd-pleasing dinner is to make your meat at home ahead of time, so you won’t have any dishes to worry about when you’re out in the wilderness. Once you cook your meat and let it cool, seal it up in a resealable plastic bag, and put it in the freezer. That way, it can help keep the rest of your food cold in your cooler until you’re ready to eat it.

Pack up any desired toppings you want, such as cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and beans. Purchase individual snack-sized bags of your favorite chips — top choices for this meal include Doritos and Fritos, but any kind will work. On taco night (preferably a Tuesday), crush up the chips in the bag, and then add your heated meat and toppings. Enjoy these straight from the bag.

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