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Get a Better Smile With These Oral Hygiene Tools

“Dirty mouth? Clean it up,” say the ads for Orbit Gum. This catchy tagline sums up exactly what none of us want: a dirty mouth. The Daily Mail reports on a survey of thousands of single people that say teeth are the most important asset on a prospective date. Not only can a dirty mouth keep you single longer, but Business Insider reports that not taking care of your mouth can lead to a host of other health issues.

In the same article, the American Dental Association says, “The mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.” Develop good dental hygiene now if you don’t already practice it and clean up your dirty mouth, guys. No one wants to kiss a mouth that’s allergic to floss and mouthwash. Here are eight essential tools for a cleaner mouth.

1. Electric toothbrush

man getting ready to brush his teeth

man getting ready to brush his teeth No offense to the old standard, but an electric toothbrush is a serious step up. | iStock.com

Although there is some debate as to whether a manual toothbrush is better than an electric one, according to WebMD, it may just be a matter of which one you feel more comfortable handling. “If you are a wonderful brusher and a wonderful flosser … then the manual toothbrushes are just great,” says Kimberly Harms, D.D.S. However, she says electric powered toothbrushes can help people who have trouble physically moving their brushes around their mouth to clean all the surfaces of your teeth.

Try the Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush. Built with a 45-degree brush angle that’s capable of 30,000 strokes a minute, this sonic pulse toothbrush will leave your teeth and gums feeling cleaner than ever.

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