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Get a Toned Butt With These 6 Dumbbell Exercises for Your Glutes

Every article of clothing from a bikini to a pair of basic jeans looks infinitely better when covering a perfectly toned butt. And this is true for both men and women, so it’s time to get your rear in gear with some exercises designed to strengthen your glutes. By targeting this muscle group, you’ll also reduce your risk for a whole host of injuries.

With the right moves, these weights are all you need to achieve a toned butt.

1. Walking dumbbell lunge

dumbbell lunges

dumbbell lunges Walking dumbbell lunges are excellent for your glutes. | iStock.com

To perform walking lunges, start with a set of dumbbells that are on the light side. Begin standing with your feet spaced hip-width apart while grasping one weight in each hand with your hands at your sides. Keeping your back flat and your torso upright, step your left leg out into a lunge. As you sink into the lunge, your left knee should end up directly over your left ankle and your right knee should be hovering just above the ground. From here, push off the ground to step your right leg forward, ending in the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side so you walk forward while alternating legs.

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