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Get Organized: Great Ways to Declutter Your Life

Let’s face it — life gets messy, and when our lives are out of order, it’s easy to fall out of sync with what really matters. In addition to the dreaded reorganization of your closet, we’ve found some additional, not-so-obvious ways to help declutter your life. So go ahead and start today. Success is just around that tidy corner!

1. Trim the fat

Men cleaning files off of computer

Men cleaning files off of computer If things in your life are no longer serving a purpose, get rid of them. | Thinkstock

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Things that are not serving some sort of purpose in your life probably don’t belong there, anyway. We’re not vain enough to think that everything you have or do in life should have certain benefits, though we do think that the important things should at least provide you with some sort of return on your investment.

No one ever started a workout routine hoping to become less fit. So, toss the things, or people, that aren’t as invested in your life as you are. If you have a friend who constantly hits you up for big favors but never repays your kindness and has no intention of doing so, then perhaps you’d be better off without that “friend.” On the flip side, if you have a buddy with whom you get nonstop belly laughs with every time you two are together, then that’s one of the best benefits of all, and definitely worth keeping around!

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