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Getting a Woman’s Approval on Your Style Choices Is as Easy as Wearing These Things

Some men can be clueless when it comes to style. And if you think your lady doesn’t notice your fashion faux pas, unfortunately, she does. Women love a well-dressed man. This doesn’t mean you need to look like you stepped off a runway or try incredibly hard. Often times, it just means you need a little fine-tuning and an open mind. While specifics might vary, most women would probably say men should wear these things.

1. Jeans that actually fit

a new pair of folded jeans

a new pair of folded jeans Time to invest in a new pair of jeans. | iStock.com

This is a huge issue for many men. Their jeans look truly awful. Most of the time, men wear jeans that are too large for them or don’t fit right in the butt (especially on bigger guys). Jeans that flatter your body are an absolute necessity. And no matter what your body type is, a pair that looks great is out there. You just might need to try on until you find it. Don’t be afraid to ask a store sales associate for help. If this already sounds frustrating to you, there’s also the option to go custom. While this sounds like a very expensive service, it doesn’t have to be. Check out Make Your Own Jeans, which can customize a pair for you at a reasonable price.

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