Getting Married Again? Here’s Why It Might Be Doomed to Fail a Second Time

We get it — you were young and in love once. And as the years went by, you realized the person you married wasn’t the one you really needed to grow old with. So, you left that marriage behind in pursuit of a fresh start. You’re more mature, wiser, and you know what you need out of a lifelong partner. But we have some news that may be difficult to hear — all marriages after the first one have a higher chance of failing.

If you’re wiser than you’ve ever been, then why might your new marriage be likely to fail? Here are a few reasons.

1. You’re picking the same type of toxic person again

man playing video games while his partner looks at him angrily

man playing video games while his partner looks at him angrily Does your current partner behave like your old partner? |

Humans are habitual creatures. We find comfort in the familiar — though when it comes to romantic partners, that’s not always a good thing. Dr. Ramani Durvasula tells you need to evaluate any patterns you see in your personal and romantic life. Maybe you had a parent who cheated, and your partners have always cheated on you. Or maybe you have low self-esteem and thus pick people who don’t fully appreciate you.

Once you recognize and break the pattern, your marriage is more likely to succeed.

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