‘Gilmore Girls’ Cast: Then and Now Photos

Gilmore Girls first debuted in 2000 when Alexis Bledel was 18 but playing 15-year-old Rory in her first acting role. The show told an interesting story of a daughter and mother who were best friends. But it also shows Lorelai and her tense relationship with her rich parents. That story evolved over the years, but when it was done in 2007 it still didn’t quite feel like the end. This is because creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn’t there to see it through to the end, even though she had a clear ending for the show down to the final four words.

But luckily, we got a revival to pick up the story nine years after the show ended. During this time many things changed with the show’s characters and the actors who played them. A lot of the stars look much different than they did in their very first scenes on the show, which is to be expected. But what actors saw the biggest changes? Well, now you can tell with a good side by side look! Here are photos of the cast from the first season in comparison to the recent Gilmore Girls revival.

1. Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls | Warner Bros. & Netflix

The actress played the quick-witted mother who was fiercely independent, stubborn, but very loving. Lorelai starts the show working as a manager at a hotel, and doing everything she can to help her daughter, Rory, achieve her dreams.

Lorelai certainly comes a long way in the series, eventually owning her own inn. Lauren Graham does look a little different in the revival episodes, but she slips right back into making us laugh and cry.

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