Give the fashion industry the credit it deserves

The Impacts of fashion to youth has been a very controversial topic .For some years now, people have been debating about it but all I hear are people whining how fashion is corrupting morals and diverting attention on what teens should be doing, going to school and getting an education so that they will have a career. Parents and other concerned people argue that young people are so into fashion that nowadays you might mistake a 15-year old for a 20-year-old because of the clothes he or she is wearing and the make -up. They also claim that this leads them to indulge in sex as they look and feel mature. But let’s get real, this is the 21st century, and the fashion industry has grown tremendously .we don’t expect our teenage girls to have ponytails or our boys to have those funny ancient haircuts. Grown-ups, preach what they don’t practice. And as role models, we can’t dress modern and expect our young ones to dress like it’s 1975 it’s not only illogical but also damn selfish.

And who are we fooling; some of us don’t remember when we lost our virginity because we were too young, no matter what our teenagers wear, they will always be curious, so I don’t see a relationship between fashion and premarital sex among our teens. I feel that the fashion industry is not being given the credit it deserves. We forget the good it’s doing to our kids and talk about all the negatives.

We are always telling our teenagers that being a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, accountants and all those fancy normal careers will always put food on their tables and a roof over their heads. Well get this, not all teenagers are ordinary or want to be. Kids can never be the same, and that’s why their performance in class is different. Instead of you as a parent trying to force education down your kid’s throat, why don’t you encourage him or her to take an interest in what they might like. A fashion designer, make-up artists, hair stylists’ .these are careers that can be very rewarding. Besides the rate of unemployment nowadays is not very encouraging.

It’s hypocritical to say that fashion doesn’t have a positive impact on teenagers. Can you reckon how it would be for them if there were no varieties of clothes of shoes to fit their style? What looks good on one person looks ridiculous on another? The existence of clothes for all body sizes and shapes is a good thing. Everyone feels good when wearing something they are entirely comfortable in.Fashion is not biased as some people may make us believe.

Makeup makes people more confident in their skins as it hides imperfections very efficiently. Even some of our celebrities have problems with their skin. But who will ever know? Makeup got it all covered. A world without fashion industry would be a very boring one. Let’s embrace it.

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