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Glasses or X-Ray device?

This increased reality glasses is still simply a prototype,  however mini is displaying them anyway at the Shanghai machine Show. The device sounds like a combine of huge aviation specs and were designed by BMW’s DesignworksUSA. They overlay the globe with digital data and show driving directions, speed limits, additionally as alternative points of interest, it could show locations like a museum or even a parking garage.                  Also the most fascinating half concerning, the glasses is its alleged    X-ray feature, that takes advantage of the growing range of cameras places on vehicles recently. By shifting your head to the side of the vehicle, you’re shown a camera feed of what’s happening outside. This will be of enormous assistance with parallel parking or tight driving situations.

Mini is partnering with Qualcomm in an effort to accomplish the technology. The glasses come with a Qualcomm flower805 processor, so that they just about have all the facility of a smartphone on your face —additionally because the Vuforia platform, that is Qualcomm’s software system specifically designed for increased reality. The glasses look and feel a lot like augmented reality specs engineered by Osterhout Design Group, a San Francisco-based startup that co-developed the mini glasses. ODG’s glasses have thus far largely been engineered for military and industrial use, however the corporate desires to seek out it’s a possibility of entering into the consumer world.