Hacks to Make Walking in Heels Actually Comfortable

Finding the perfect pair of high heels is like falling in love. When the sartorial stars align, you feel so lucky, giddy, and a little wary that everything’s coming together a little too well. Sometimes, those heels really are too good to be true. Even if they’re comfortable at the store, most pairs become increasingly painful the longer you wear them. What’s a girl to do? Before you return that perfect pair — it’s OK, we don’t blame you — try your luck with the hacks below.

1. Put deodorant inside

Woman with shoe sitting outdoors and massaging ankle

Woman with shoe sitting outdoors and massaging ankle This tip can minimize the chances of getting blisters. |

Nothing can ruin a day (make that a couple of days) like bad blisters. When it comes to these painful sores, wearing a pair of shoes can feel a lot like Russian roulette. Blisters can occur with shoes you’ve had and worn comfortably for years, but they’re also common among those fresh-out-of-the-box pairs, too. To keep them at bay, which will ultimately make your shoe-wearing experience significantly more comfortable, simply rub some deodorant along the interior. Wardrobe consultant and personal shopper Diane Pollack tells SheKnows this prevents your foot from rubbing against the shoe’s interior, which results in chafing and, you guessed it, blisters.

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