Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume

Finding a spouse and choosing the right perfume or fragrance have a lot of common characteristics. For instance, the process of choosing is very tricky. Second, one has to find what works for them at all times. Third, there must be a purpose justifying the purchase of a new scent and finally, it has to be loveable and attractive.

Lest anyone falls into a den of perfume scandals, jumping from scent A to B, this post provides key guidelines to consider when choosing the right perfume or a new scent.

Find the Perfect Note

Not a soprano or treble! In this case, notes refer to the type of cologne with regards to the ingredients. Eau de Parfum contains about 15 to 18 parts of perfume oil. The rest is alcohol. Eau de Toilette contains 3 to 5 percent perfume oil mixed with water and alcohol. Eau de Cologne is 4 to 8 percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol. The scent and mildness depend on these factors.

Know Your Fragrance Family

Choose between feminine and masculine scents. Scents are split into four categories: Floral, Citrus, Oriental, and Woody. Feminine scents are mostly floral-based while masculine are woody.


Perfumes, just like clothes, have specific occasions and seasons. Therefore, it is allowed to change the perfume during winter or summer. Wear what works for you. Similarly, have a scent for both day and night. In seasons like Christmas, wear scents that smell “sweeter.”

Test It

Prior to adding a perfume to the existing collection, it is advisable to spray it on a card then wait five minutes and smell it. That reveals what the perfume will smell once in use.

Skin Type

The same ways women or men choose other beauty products are much the same when buying perfumes. In knowing one’s skin type, choosing an effective and safe perfume is easy. Dry skin requires highly-concentrated perfumes. The opposite applies for oily skin.

perfumeBreak between Tests

Do not end up with an expensive big bottle of scent that you cannot use because it smells different than it did at the shop! A mistake most consumers do while on a mission to choosing the right perfume is spraying them on the same place, not aware that they “mix” to give a different scent. To avoid this, use different testing surfaces and give the nose a break before smelling the next scent.

There you have it, choose your perfume wisely next time you are shopping around.

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