Have Long Hair? 7 Gorgeous Long Hair Styles You Have to Try

Any long-haired lovely knows all those tresses can be both a blessing and a burden. Sure, it’s nice to have lengthy locks, but when it comes to styling the strands, they can present a time-consuming challenge. After all, just blow drying them can be a marathon endeavor.

Still, there are a number of gorgeous long hair styles worth trying that are both beautiful and easy enough to add to your go-to list. Check out our lineup of ’dos to consider when you need an effortless yet statement-making look for your long locks.

1. Sleek and straight

calm emotionless model with long windy hair

calm emotionless model with long windy hair Simple, straight hair can be gorgeous. |

It’s the minimalist look of long hair — straight and simple with a meticulous middle part. And, the gorgeous, satiny look is rather easy to do. Evenly apply an oil serum or smoothing product and a heat protectant to damp hair, then blow dry straight with a round brush for a smooth finish. If your blow drying skills leave something to be desired, not to worry. A flat iron will quickly finish off the look. You can also lightly mist with a finishing spray for added shine.

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