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Hawaii Has Plans For Its Old Buses

Hawaii Has Plans For Its Old Buses, And Those Plans Are Going To Be A Huge Help

At a point buses come to the end of their lifespan, but what happens to them if I may ask? The Hawaiian architecture firm Group 70 International intends to refurbish old city buses to be used as mobile shelters, services, and recreation rooms. They are doing this in collaboration with LIFT, a volunteer organization. The duo hope to complete 70 buses using donated materials.

The buses will be used as a community resource to help shelter the homeless

They will remove the seats and other interior structures and install a whole new interior system

This image shows a buses that has been turned into a produce stand

Buses like this could supply fresh food to communities with no access to nutritional food.
Hawaii has experienced a huge effect on homelessness these days, especially on the island of Oahu. There has been several criticism on the local government for their treatment of the homeless people, some suggest that the government should take some of the homeless population to another island. This project tackles this challenge quite effectively, and would provide shelter, safety, and hygienic services to the homeless.

This design shows a bus that has been turned into a shelter for homeless people.

Some of the buses will have beds and others will have shower that homeless people can use. The buses will be deigned to be divisible at the center, this will help families to have their privacy.
Group 70 has just the began this project, they hope to complete two buses by the end of summer. They plan to design it to be easy to assemble, that way, even untrained volunteers can assemble it.