Hazardous Effects of Sitting at a Computer for Long

The chances are that as you read this, you have been in that chair for hours and that you are using a computer. The planet is today driven in a large way by the internet which is widely accessed via computers. Unlike phones that we can use while walking, we need to sit and use computers. It does not matter whether you are playing games, doing assignments, working or streaming movies: all these can lead to damage to your body.

Statistics indicates that in the United States, the average adult spends at least 8 hours in front of the computer screen. Recent findings show that sitting at the computer for long is not harmful if you have the right infrastructure; you sit properly and exercise regularly.

Below are the potential negative effects of sitting at a computer for long periods without the proper posture and exercise.

  • Lack of muscle movement slows down all the body processes including the brain’s functions. As such, do not be surprised if after working all night, your concentration and understanding levels drop.
  • The spine is the part that takes all the trouble. If your armchair does not support your back from the middle downwards, you cannot help bending forward. If this happen for long, the middle back becomes painful, and the spine becomes permanently bent.
  • You may damage some abdominal organs if you sit in the bent position for long. First, the pancreas will produce more glucose to feed the muscles yet you are not using them. Excess blood sugar might lead to diabetes. bending
  • Excess insulin is known to promote cell growth and in this case; it may encourage the development of colon cancer.
  • Muscle degeneration is likely due to prolonged inactivity. Just like exercise enlarges the muscles, inactivity will contract them.
  • The neck might be inclined at unnatural angles if your computer screen is too high or low. This leads to neck pain, strain, and soreness.
  • Finally, the angle at which you bend your feet affects your knees and ball of the foot. Bending the knees steeply disrupts blood flow and may result in varicose veins. Second, the ball of the foot is strained even as you sit if your toes provide the support.

With the younger generation mostly dependent on computers, it is likely to encounter the above problems in future. Before I present an article to prevent the above from occurring, please provide any more effects of sitting at a computer for long periods.

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