Health Risks and Dangers of Too Much Exercise

ExcerciseFinally, people who dread the gym have some music to enjoy: that too much exercise is harmful. It is more harmful than no exercise at all! What’s more? Excessive workouts risk damaging the same areas they improve; especially the heart.

Exercise in the right quantity has multiple benefits. It is one of the life-prolonging methods known to man. The benefits include mood elevation, detoxification of the body, improving blood circulation, better cardiovascular health and keeping weight gain at bay. On average, 45-minute workouts are enough to maintain the body in the top-working state.

Here is what too much exercise can cause:

  • Excess activity will lead to insomnia especially if done in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Exceeding the limit, that is, forcing the body to keep exercising when it tires down may lead to tissue damage. For instance, the muscles may become painful and unable to function effectively.
  • While standard exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders by up to two times, too much of it will increase the same by up to seven times. Cardiac arrest is a common disorder associated with marathons.
  • Vigorous activity forces the heart to pump faster. This is good in preventing different diseases such as atherosclerosis. Studies, however, show that too much exercise leads to structural deformation of the heart. This is because the heart has to adapt to excessive pumping to keep the body going. As such, prolonged exercise may cause permanent structural defects.
  • Similarly, excess heart activity may cause scarring (injury) of heart muscles.
  • The muscles go into a catabolic state (deficiency of nutrients) during exercise. If the body does not have recovery time, the muscles lose strength, and the person collapses.

Apart from excess workout, “sudden” exercise, that is, initiating high-intensity exercise without warming up causes damage to the body. Correct exercising requires one to start slowly and build up the intensity over time. For instance, on the first day of running, one should run a short distance and stop. On the second day, they can run a little longer. This allows the body time to adapt and recover from previous sessions.

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