Health Risks that Come with Obesity

obesityIf you ever thought that obesity is only a problem when it comes to looks and dressing, consider yourself partially informed on the disorder. Apart from increasing your chances of not dressing and appearing normal in your social circles, it also increases your chances of dying!

Obesity is a health disorder that occurs when there is an accumulation of too much fat in the body. It is caused by either environmental or genetic factors plus how these relate to one’s diet.

Here is the brutal truth you probably never knew:

  • Obese people are likely to develop type 2 diabetes that is indicated by resistance to insulin thus failure in the regulation of blood sugar.
  • Again, overweight and obese people are likely to suffer from High Blood Pressure. This is because the excess fat in the body needs to be supplied with blood just like all other body parts. This strains the heart.
  • It has been proven that cardiovascular diseases are common in obese people. This is because excess fat clogs the arteries that supply blood to and from the heart. The narrowed arteries allow insufficient blood through, or encourage the formation of blood clots. The result is a stroke or heart attack.
  • Sleep apnea, a respiratory problem that stops a person’s breathing as they sleep, is common in such patients. Overweight people also snore a lot due to reduced space in the chest cavity that causes the lungs to be squeezed by fat. This problem may also lead to heart attack.
  • More shocking facts reveal that when obese, the risks of acquiring different types of cancer. For instance, men’s chances of developing prostate and colon cancer increase. In turn, women are likelier to develop cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, colon, and the breast.
  • Finally, in society, people have created the norm that being overweight is not acceptable. In short, negative utterances and perceptions are created towards the obese. For instance, they may be called lazy or fat. Collectively, they end up being bullied, excluded, or discriminated. The dangerous side of these occurrences is scientists have discovered that people who seem to be outcasts in society live shorter by up to eight years.

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