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Healthy-Living Secrets That Will Make You Live Longer

Despite America’s growing waistline and accompanying health problems, it was once home to one of the oldest people to have lived in verifiable history. FiveThirtyEight reports Sarah Knauss, who passed away in 1999, lived to be 119 years old. Since the average American only lives to 78.8 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s fair to say Knauss was an outlier.

So how do you live a long life? These five habits might be the keys to their longevity.

1. Not much meat


legumes You might want to skip the meat and go for beans instead. | iStock.com

While this topic relates to diet, it’s about what the healthiest cultures don’t eat as opposed to what they do. Though the exact foods vary from place to place, those who live the longest generally don’t eat all that much animal protein. When they do, it’s usually fish.

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