Hellboy is one of those uncommon movies where the spin-off is surprisingly better than the first motion picture.

In the decade since Hellboy turned out, both motion pictures have picked up a clique taking after, with numerous fans seeking after another continuation. actor Ron Perlman, Hellboy himself, is among them.

Ron Perlman’s vocation is as sound as ever, yet it would appear that he’s quick to get this show on the road on another Hellboy motion picture before he ages out of the part. Ideally some online backing will remind Hollywood that there’s still a ton of enthusiasm for this franchise.

Hellboy III can’t happen without movie director Guillermo Del Toro, so this motion picture needs him to be accessible and a studio to determine that it’s merits financial investment.

In the present atmosphere of perpetual comic-book reboots, changes, and continuations, Hellboy III no more appears to be thoroughly impossible. That said, in a Reddit AMA a year ago, Del Toro said they’d been attempting to make Hellboy III for some time now, yet studios simply weren’t intrigued.

“Innovatively, I would love to make it. Innovatively. Yet, it’s become practically difficult to fund. Not from MY side, but rather from the studio side. In the event that I was a multimillionaire, I would fund it myself, however I’ll spend all my cash on plastic beasts.”

Del Toro’s next film after Crimson Peak is the Pacific Rim continuation in 2017, alongside different undertakings he’s creating, similar to his TV arrangement The Strain. So while a Hellboy continuation would be an energizing prospect—and most likely a ton more intriguing than a large portion of the comic-book motion pictures presently underway we can’t generally see Del Toro making time for it to happen.