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Here Are the Moisturizer Ingredients You Should (and Shouldn’t) Look For

Mother Nature can take a serious toll on your skin. Unless you want cracked hands, scaly legs, and a dry face, you should pick up a moisturizer, stat.

Everyone has their preference on price, thickness, and scent, but the ingredients used in your moisturizer are non-negotiable. Instead of aimlessly scanning the ingredient list, we asked Dr. Craig Kraffert, a board-certified dermatologist and president of skin care company Amarte, which ingredients we should look for and which to avoid. Here’s what he had to say.

1. Use: Mushroom beta-glucan


Mushrooms Mushrooms harbor many benefits. | iStock.com

Sometimes, your favorite snacks can work wonders on your skin, too. According to Kraffert, mushroom beta-glucan is one of most innovative ingredients you can buy today. An emollient derived from mushrooms, which is just a fancy term for moisturizer, mushroom beta-glucan is perfect for the typical girl on the go. “It not only provides moisture, but it also rejuvenates and forms a unique anti-aging shield on skin,” he said. While this ingredient can be found in numerous vitamins and supplements, it’s one of the key ingredients in Amarte’s Wonder Cream.

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