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Here Are the Pet Products That Are a Big Waste of Your Money

We all love our pets. And most of us want to pamper them as much as possible. There are items from the pet store every dog or cat needs. But pet supplies get expensive. And many of the items on display are unnecessary — and often incredibly expensive. Even if you want to spoil your pet, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on these accessories and supplies.

Before we proceed, we have a caveat to share. Although you shouldn’t believe all the marketing you see at the pet store, the things you hear at the vet are different. Sure, many pet owners share stories about vets pushing pricey procedures that don’t result in a better outcome for the dog or cat. But a veterinarian has undertaken years of training. So you should put weight on what your vet has to say — a courtesy you don’t owe to the many manufacturers of unnecessary pet items and accessories.

Ready to check out the pet products that are just a big waste of money? Read on for some of the worst offenders.

1. Premium pet food

maltese and black and white cat eating food from a bowl

maltese and black and white cat eating food from a bowl You don’t need to buy premium food for your cat or dog. | iStock.com/humonia 

Quartz reports for the most part premium dog food will just be a waste of your money. The words used to describe pet food — such as “human-grade,” “natural,” or even “gluten-free” — don’t have official definitions. The FDA has standards for pet food labels. And most states have their own pet food labeling rules. But that doesn’t change the fact that catchy descriptors don’t mean much.

You also don’t need to avoid pet foods with byproducts and meals because there’s no nutritional reason not to feed these products to animals. Plus, smaller companies don’t necessarily have better quality control. And expensive pet foods have been recalled, too. So, for the most part, there’s no reason to buy premium food.

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