Here Are the Signs Your Partner Hates the Way You Dress

Good fashion sense isn’t something everyone inherits, and everyone has different thoughts on what solid style is. This means you and your partner might not be on the same page when it comes to your duds. While some people are more discreet than others, your sweetie may be secretly trying to tell you something about the way you dress. Wondering if your partner likes your look? Check out these subtle (or not so subtle) signs that your partner doesn’t care for your wardrobe.

1. Sometimes your clothes magically disappear

Here are some signs that your partner doesn't like the way you dress

Here are some signs that your partner doesn't like the way you dress Does space just seem to open up in your closet? |

Menswear personal stylist Kristina Zias writes in Thought Catalog that some partners use this tactic by first introducing new items, then slowly removing the ones they don’t like. It’s a way for your significant other to help clean out your closet to make room for some newer, fashionable duds. While this may drive you a little bit bonkers, it might help your sartorial savviness in the long run.

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