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Here's When You'll Be Able To Play Madden 18

If three extra days of Madden aren’t enough for you, then there’s actually a way you can dive in a full week early on Xbox One; all you have to do is be a subscriber to EA Access. That particular service is sort of like an unlimited rental program for EA games, including Plants vs. Zombies, the original Battlefront, Battlefield titles, Titanfall and more. It comes with fringe perks, too, such as playing Madden 18 seven days early. This will come in the form of a Play First trial on the service, but it comes with a catch. In short, you’ll have access to the full game for exactly 10 hours. It sounds like you’ll be able to dive into the story, jump online or do whatever you want, so long as you understand that you’ve only got about 10 hours to do it. We’re not clear on whether or not that progress will transfer over to the full game, though we don’t know why it wouldn’t. That early access will go live on Aug. 17.

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