Here’s How Amazon is Planning to Take Over the World

Amazon CEO and Walmart slayer Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO and Walmart slayer Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO and Walmart slayer Jeff Bezos | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

There’s a battle brewing in the retail sector. It’s been gestating for a long time, and many of us have been traversing the battle lines — perhaps without even thinking about it. The fight was, in some ways, unintended. But that hasn’t stopped it from becoming perhaps the biggest corporate brawl in America — or at least the most consequential for the average consumer.

The fight is between Amazon and Walmart. Now the two big dogs on the block, they’ve been circling each other for some time now, sniffing for an advantage. While one has been around for decades, the other is the relative new kid on the block. Just a handful of years ago, one was merely hawking books on the internet. These days, of course, there are drone deliveries and 3-D printing trucks to contend with.

Having ditched its bookseller image for something greater and grander, Amazon has now become Walmart’s chief rival. Knowing that, both sides are probing for a weakness in the other and planning their next moves.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos seems to know exactly what he wants to do. He’s taking a gamble. And he’s betting American consumers can be sorted into two basic camps: people who shop at Walmart and people who shop via Amazon.

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