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Here’s How Diet Companies Are Trying to Scam You

Starting a weight-loss program can be an exciting time. You’ve finally decided you’re tired of living the same old way, and you’re ready to lose weight and be healthier. If you’ve thought about using a popular diet product, you might be a little confused and nervous about how the product will impact you or if it even works.

We’re here to tell you that in some cases, you have good reason to be concerned. Some diet companies are only out to make a quick buck. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a product that doesn’t work or has the opposite effect you’re trying to achieve. Here are a few ways diet companies are trying to scam you.

Using celebrities to gain your trust

Oprah Winfrey signing an autograph

Oprah Winfrey signing an autograph Don’t throw reason out the window just because a celebrity is selling the product. | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Most diet companies know a famous face sells products and raises a company’s profile. No one knows this better than Weight Watchers. For example, when the diet company revealed that Oprah Winfrey was going to advertise their offerings, the company’s shares rose 17%.

It’s a win-win for the celebrity and the company. But what about you, the consumer? The only thing that really changes is the celebrity face pushing the products. It’s essentially the same product, so the only thing you’re getting is hype. That won’t help you lose weight.